New Tech for an Old Industry

Industry is the glue that holds our modern world together. Can we adopt technology as a tool to keep it clean and make our future sustainable?

Sustainable Leadership with Women

Our society faces complex environmental challenges which are compounded by social inequity; therefore, women are elemental in developing, implementing, and maintaining the solutions to the climate crisis. Through the channels of government, nonprofit organizations, and business, women can step into leadership roles to take sustainability to the next level.

Food Justice for Cities

Sustainable development of cities should include locally-sourced food and healthresources that can educate and bring people together.

Atmospheric Water Generation – Creating Water Equity from Air

Adopting creative methods for clean water capture and reuse will define the future of water consumption. Within the next decade, we will see significant changes in how we use water, and in what applications. Human activities such as urban development, industry, and agriculture have increased the demand for water resources and have complicated the distribution….

Closing the Loop

Resilient businesses are adopting innovative solutions to close the loop, creating a ‘Sustainability Reset’ within the circular economy.

CEO And Activist – Arrested 26 Times

Going Green had the chance to meet Ascanio Vitale, the CEO of Stop CO2 and Flyzen. Ascanio has a fascinating story about a lengthy career working and being active in the green and sustainable space. As a CEO and Activist, Ascanio shares his story and how we can work together as human beings to make…

Climate Risk Management Capability

Going Green had the chance to sit down with Chris Donohue, the Managing Director at Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), which is a not-for-profit membership organization, founded in 1996, focused on elevating the practice of risk management, to talk about climate risk management capability. Chris, thanks for being here. Tell us a little bit…

Best Elon Musk Tweets of 2020

Elon Musk has been known to share some great tweets, both insightful and interesting, with a hint of trolling mixed into it. We put together the best Elon Musk tweets of 2020.

When Science Meets Business

Going Green had the chance to sit down with author, entrepreneur, and scientist Jimmy Jia in the latest episode of Going Green.