From Netflix to Vibrant Planet – Allison Wolff

Allison Wolff has done a lot in her career: she has worked with some of the biggest technology companies in history, helping them grow, scale, and become more sustainable. Since working with companies like Netflix, Ebay, Facebook, and Google, Allison started her own technology platform company, Vibrant Planet.

Disrupting The Central Power Grid

Going Green had the chance to talk to Chris Melley is the CEO of Rogue Energy Ventures about his experience disrupting the central power grid.

Renewable Energy and CleanTech Finance

Finding ambitious talent is a challenge that every company faces. When it comes to cleantech companies and creating sustainable businesses, filling open positions with the right people can make or break a company. Because of this, we invited Suzanne Rey to join us on Going Green to discuss her experience finding talent in renewable energy and cleantech finance.

Financing A Sustainable Future

Going Green had the chance to sit own Aaron Fyke, the Founder of Thin Line Capital, to discuss his experience in financing a sustainable future.

100% Green Energy Infrastructure

Building sustainable and green energy infrastructure is no easy task. It involves multiple different industries, technologies, and people all working together. Going Green had the chance to talk to Steve Hanawalt, the Executive Vice President at Power Factors, LLC, about his experience delivering software and services to make renewable energy the world’s leading power generation source, and work towards creating 100% green energy infrastructure.

Digital Health and Sustainability

Going Green is focusing on sharing content that combines cleantech, biotech, health, and sustainability, to educate people about how they can use technology to live more healthy, environmentally friendly lives. We had the chance to talk with Ananth Subramanian, the CEO of HDgtl & Group, a company focused on solving market voids in digital health.

Top Ten Going Green Episodes

Going Green creates their top ten list of episodes of scientists, CEOS, and sustainable leaders that have been on the show.

Diving Deep Into Blue Tech and the Blue Economy

Going Green is excited to invite Gregory Delaune of the Deep Blue Institute onto the Going Green podcast. Prior to coming on the show, we wanted to chat with Gregory and learn more about what he is doing at the Deep Blue Institute, and how he got involved in sustainability. Gregory, thanks for being here…