Meet Travis Kitch, Lecturer at North Dakota State University.

Simply put, biochar is charcoal mixed with compost/animal waste/grass clippings/etc and is perhaps the best soil amendment out there.


Meet Karina Mandell, CEO and Founder of Green Smart Cities

I saw that Sustainability fulfills the social enterprise buckets for me of “doing good by doing well”. To do something where you care for other people and the planet can only surely lead to positives outcomes for our humanity worldwide.

The Economics Behind 420

The cannabis industry is both controversial and profitable. For years, lawmakers struggled with the legalization of cannabis for tax purposes, while dealing with the stigma of making what was once considered a harmful drug available to the public. Slowly but surely, state by state cannabis would get legalized. First for medicinal purposes, than full legalization,…

Meet Matt Unsworth, CEO of ReforestTheWeb

“My motivation was and still is to leave a legacy and to leave a better world than we have today to my future children and for my nephews and nieces. We owe it to future generations to sort the mess we are in out.”

How Media Will Shape The Future

The media industry, worth over $18 billion dollars a year, is constantly changing and evolving to fit consumer needs, with major corporations battling for marketshare. The media industry is extremely influential to the general public, as people are consuming content more than ever. When I say “media” I like to break it down into the…

100 Companies Create 71% of Global Emissions.

Going Green was started as a way to help educate the general public about making lifestyle changes to help combat climate change. While it is important to make changes in your life to eliminate single use plastics and cut down on emissions, it is also important to understand where most of the issue comes from….

Going Green featured by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Good friends of Going Green, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation recently shared a segment of Going Green where their partner, RESOLVE, discusses their experience working with LDF. Watch RESOLVE’s founder, Eric Dinerstein’s interview on Going Green where he discusses his experience working with Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and National Geographic. Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary Before The Flood came out…

How to Help Stop Climate Change

Everyday more evidence comes out from leading scientists and organizations about the effects climate change has on the world. We are all individual humans, and sometimes it seems like too large of a task to tackle, yet at the same time we all want to make a difference. Here are a few ways you can…