Four Industries That Are Changing Due To Sustainability

Artificial Intelligence will play a major role in building more sustainable societies.

As the world continues to become more and more sustainable, Going Green has decided to focus on four industries that will be at the forefront of the most change. Through the very idea of sustainability, the world we live in will work to be more efficient, and thus nearly every industry will be affected, but there are four industries that are changing due to sustainability that we wanted to focus on today, and each one is multi billion dollar industries that effect our day to day lives.

Digital Technology

Digital Technology is connecting people every day across the country, allowing ideas and information to be spread.

Through the internet and advancements in technology, the way we communicate has been and will continue to be disrupted. We have seen the rise of smart phones and the internet connecting nearly everyone in the world, and the way we utilize these tools to live our day to day life will continue to evolve.

Everyone now has the power in their hands to research information and share their ideas to their network, and to the world.

Since the rise of social media, the internet, and smart phones, billion dollar companies have emerged with their ability to collect data and use that information to help businesses sell their products and services to their ideal clients through advancements in marketing and advertising.

There are many aspects of Digital Technology that has already changed our lives, and with the top minds in the world working in this space, it will continue to change and grow.


Biotechnology is a billion dollar industry that will change how we live our lives.

What is biotechnology? Biotechnology is the field that exploits living organisms to make technological advances in various fields for the sustainable development of mankind. It has its applications in the medical as well as agricultural sectors. The biological processes of living organisms have been used for more than 6000 years to make essential products such as bread, cheese, alcohol, etc.

Today, biotechnology is a $700 billion dollar industry that continues to grow and expand. Some of the brightest minds in the world are working in the biotechnology industry as doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and inventors of new technology to implement new information into the way we live.

Some examples of biotechnology include LASIK surgery, synthetic insulin, synthetic growth hormone, and diagnostic tests to detect various diseases which each can have drastic effects on millions, if not billions, of people’s lives.

The Environment

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Out of everything on this list, the environment is the one topic that generates the most headlines and interest from the general public, because nearly everyone can agree that we need to be more environmentally friendly when it comes to consumption. Huge companies and industries are emerging as we work to make more efficient and sustainable systems.

Examples of this are the continued growth of solar and wind technology, and the overall use of renewable energy, as well as implementing them with more energy efficient systems such as electric cars and tracking energy use in buildings.


Implementing technology into our buildings.

Through tireless efforts of many companies, governments, and individuals, many people are working towards creating, building, and refurbishing the buildings we live and work in. From commercial to residential, the buildings in our society have been under constant critique of how they can be made more efficient.

By making buildings more energy efficient, it does a few things: it saves the owners money through not paying high electric and utility bills, it saves the renters/occupiers more money by not paying high electric and utility bills, and it also saves energy itself.

Systems like creating more energy efficient windows and building materials, tracking energy consumption, and utilizing smart technology are all playing a big role in how the buildings we live in save, store, and use energy.

While these are four industries that are changing due to sustainability, Going Green interviews top experts in health, digital technology, energy, transportation, and nearly every other area of sustainability on the Going Green podcast. Be sure to check it out HERE.

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