Ten Uplifting Sustainability Articles From Around The World

Check out ten uplifting stories about sustainability around the world.

Am I the only one who sometimes fears the impending doom of Earth and feel like there is nothing we can do to stop it?

Of course not, there are millions of us.

Luckily, to stay positive and remind ourselves that good things are happening around the world, we put together this list of upbeat sustainable articles from around the world.

The State of Maine has banned the use of styrofoam.

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New York City and Los Angeles have both made “Green New Deals”.

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The carbon emissions in the UK are the lowest they’ve been since 1998.

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106 new species of bees have been discovered in Australia since 2010.

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Disney has made a mickey-shaped solar farm.

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Morgan Freeman turned a 124 acre ranch in Mississippi into a bee habitat.

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A National Park has been built in the Amazon (3.3 Million acres in Peru) to preserve the Rainforest.

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South Korea is now recycling 95% of its food waste.

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Puerto Rico wants to use all renewable energy by 2050

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Nearly 60% of car sales in Norway in March were for Electric Cars

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